Johnny Gargano reveals if he wants to see CM Punk in WWE

CM Punk's return has been a topic of conversation for months

by Sead Dedovic
Johnny Gargano reveals if he wants to see CM Punk in WWE
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Speaking to the Battleground podcast, Johnny Gargano commented on the possibility of CM Punk returning to WWE. Johnny Gargano has confirmed that his priority is WWE's progress and attracting as much attention to WWE as possible.

If CM Punk's return will mean that, Gargan has nothing against CM Punk becoming part of the company. “There are so many eyes currently on WWE television. Obviously, every little bit helps. I mentioned how Logan Paul has taken the United States Championship all over the world with him and getting new eyes on the product.

At the end of the day, whatever is going to get more eyes on WWE television, that’s the best move possible. Whoever that may be, whoever they bring in, whatever eyes they bring in. I’m all for it”. -Gargano said, as quoted by!

Logan Paul won the United States Championship. Given that Paul has been attracting attention for years, the same thing happened this time. Gargano is happy about that fact. “Logan Paul has taken that United States Championship everywhere he has gone, and he has gotten so many new eyes on that United States championship,” Gargano said.

Logan Paul and reactions

We have to admit that Logan Paul has a lot of haters, who can't stand his appearance. However, people who have been in the wrestling world for years think that Logan did an excellent job and that he is a great wrestler.

In the future, even greater things are expected from him. “He has put his all into our sport. He has had incredible matches. Yeah, he’s had some awesome matches. People don’t want to say it because he’s Logan Paul or whatever.

He’s absolutely killed it. And now he’s taking the United States Championship places that he wouldn’t normally be”.

Cm Punk