Tony Khan Reflects on the Feelings Surrounding Will Ospreay Joining AEW


Tony Khan Reflects on the Feelings Surrounding Will Ospreay Joining AEW
Tony Khan Reflects on the Feelings Surrounding Will Ospreay Joining AEW © WRESTHINGS / Youtube Channel

Will Ospreay is a new member of AEW, and this was confirmed by Tony Khan during the press conference a few days ago. Khan confirmed that he was delighted that he was able to reach an agreement with Ospreay. His quality and talent are truly a special story.

Khan knew he had to do something to hire this great wrestler. “Will Ospreay, he has been talking to me since I got permission from New Japan, which was recent,” Khan admitted. “I asked New Japan, ‘Will, his contract is up, it’s no secret, it will be up early next year.

I think it would be great to keep Will in our family.’ Will is such a great professional and a really important start in our galaxy. It means the world to have Will appear in AEW as a guest and the thought that Will could leave our orbit and not be around us.

Even more so, the idea that Will could be here all the time. In the limited amount of times Will has been here, he’s made such a huge impact and has been so great. He’s had some of the best matches in the history of AEW in the limited amount of time he’s spent with us and to think what he could accomplish.

Also, as I’ve said and can’t stress enough, we’re very focused on Wembley Stadium”. - Khan said, as quoted by!

Tony Khan on the fans

The CEO of AEW did not forget to mention the fans. Ever since the first day of his adventure in AEW, Khan has always put the accent on the fans.

He realized how much the fans meant to his company. By engaging such a wrestler, he will surely attract even more attention from the fans, and gain respect. “It’s a big priority for me to be able to tell fans before tickets go on sale when I look at attractive things I can tell fans, I want people to know if they buy a ticket, I want you to know that you’re going to see Will Ospreay and he’s going to be with us and there is no uncertainty.

That was really important. I actually got that agreement done this week and it was important to me because the on-sale is coming up, Full Gear is coming up. Will Ospreay signing is a big deal and I thought it was important to have him at Full Gear and to be able to say and explain that he is going to finish his commitments to New Japan, but he will be with us”.

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