Kurt Angle negotiated with Dana White to become part of the UFC


Kurt Angle negotiated with Dana White to become part of the UFC
Kurt Angle negotiated with Dana White to become part of the UFC © Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images Entertainment

Kurt Angle touched on a lot of things from his career in a conversation with the True Goardie podcast. Kurt Angle revealed that he received an offer from the UFC in the late 90s. The money they offered him was more than what other fighters were getting, but it still couldn't be considered huge money.

I don’t know if I would have been champion, but I definitely would have joined the UFC. I would have signed with them. They contacted me in 1996, right after the Olympics as well. Back then, Dana White wasn’t any part of it.

I think the Gracies owned it. They offered me a 10-fight deal for $150,000. That’s $15,000 a fight. That didn’t sound like a lot of money to me. Back then, it was for UFC. Those guys were only getting $5,000 for a fight.

If they won the whole tournament, they got $50,000. That was it. So the contract wasn’t so bad back then, but what it is now today, these guys are getting $16-18 million a fight on pay-per-view now."- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

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Angle thought about such an option and it seemed interesting to him to start a new chapter in his career. However, a neck injury changed things, and Angle gave up on his idea. He lost the strength he had in his hands.

Angle knew that after everything that happened, he wouldn't have any chance in the UFC. "Conor McGregor and Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey. So I passed on it, and I started wrestling in 1998 with WWE, and by 2000, UFC started becoming mainstream.

I was like, man, I’d love to do that. Then what happened was, literally half a year later, I broke my neck again, and that was it. When I broke my neck again, I lost all my strength in my arms. I lost feeling in my hands.

To this day, I have no feeling in my pinky fingers and my pointer fingers. So I have a lot of neck damage, and it caused me to lose a lot of strength in my upper body. So there was no way, even though I entertained it in 2006”.

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