Will Ospreay reveals why he signed with AEW

"I feel I’m at my best over here. I’ve enjoyed every time I’ve come over here."

by Sead Dedovic
Will Ospreay reveals why he signed with AEW
© Denise Salcedo / Youtube Channel

Will Ospreay is a new member of AEW, which made all fans of this company happy, but also Ospreay fans. In an interview with the media, the great wrestler revealed why he decided to sign with AEW. “I’ve built up and trust and rapport with Tony.

I feel I’m at my best over here. I’ve enjoyed every time I’ve come over here. Right now, this is the best decision for me and my family. I’m not interrupting my kid’s school, my Mrs. can see her parents.

I get to be one of the best pro wrestlers that have ever done it and I get to do it now on weekly TV and I get to really test myself in these waters. ”- Ospreay said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

Will Ospreay

Ospreay spent the best days of his career in New Japan.

In the very beginning, he did not know that he would have such a great career. However, now the time has come for a step up in his career. “I’ve spent eight years of my life in New Japan. I was a very immature young man and I came into the business, I don’t think really prepared for what was the come.

With everything with New Japan, I’ve grown up in front of them. I can’t thank them enough. It was a true blessing, the fact that I just got to be a wrestler there. Coming out tonight, I messaged my Mrs, every mile was worth it.

There was an expectation and I heard it when the music hit. I’m so grateful. I can’t tell you the gratitude I feel right now. None of you would know my name without New Japan. That’s a reality. When I did that match with Ricochet all those years ago, people just thought that was it and that’s who I was.

I’ve evolved, I’ve changed. The best thing is, I’ve matured. I understand the responsibility that I’m in and the responsibility that I’m in here. It’s a heavy task because there is expectations, but I have been at my best when my back is against the wall and I’m uncomfortable.

I’m really looking forward to testing myself and I’m thankful for New Japan and everything they’ve done for me. That doesn’t mean I’m done. I can still, with Tony’s blessing, I can still do some dates. It just has to be right”.