Adam Page on the feud with Swerve Strickland

“I needed to be challenged mentally."- he said

by Sead Dedovic
Adam Page on the feud with Swerve Strickland
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In an interview with Uproxx, Adam Page talked about interesting topics. Feud with Swerve Strickland was one of the topics. Adam emphasized that he needed such a challenge in his career. Strickland was rude in those moments and said harsh words that Page still remembers.

However, he needed such a thing in those moments. “I needed to be challenged mentally. I needed something to really sink my teeth into and regain some passion and desire that maybe had slipped away to some extent over the past year and a half.

(Strickland) said some things that were hard to hear, but I needed to hear them and I’m very glad that I did because it’s motivated me to fix those things. All the things that have happened since then have been even bigger motivators to be the best me that I can be”.

- he said, as quoted by

Adam Page talks about his first AEW World Title reign

His first AEW World Title reign was also one of the topics. Although many wrestlers have certain regrets after their career or during their career, Page is not one of them.

He thinks that things were the best for him. He enjoyed every moment. Page hopes that the future can bring equally beautiful stories for him. “The whole thing was taxing on my body, on my mind, on every part of life that you can imagine.

Looking back at it, I can always say… I wish I had done something differently or this or that or had it ended this way or that way. But I’m not going to do that. I’m proud of it. It’s more than most wrestlers ever accomplish in their lifetime. I should be proud of that and I am proud of it. And I’m looking forward to doing it again”.