Kurt Angle on the reasons why he retired

"I didn’t want fans to remember me as this broken-down, aging wrestler."

by Sead Dedovic
Kurt Angle on the reasons why he retired
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In an interview with the True Geordie podcast, Kurt Angle talked about the interesting topics of his career. One of the topics was his retirement. Kurt Angle felt that his body was not what it used to be and that he could not give his maximum.

Angle then decided to retire and do himself a favor. He didn't want fans to remember him for bad performances. “Oh, I had it. I had it, say, for about a year after I retired. I didn’t go out the way I wanted to. I was not in the best of shape when I went out.

I was slowing down. The reason why I retired is because I noticed that I wasn’t half the wrestler I was, and I didn’t want fans to remember me as this broken-down, aging wrestler. So that’s why I retired. I didn’t get to go out the way I wanted to, so that was really difficult on me.

So I did go through a little bit of a crisis for about a year, and I finally got through it, and it took me some time. I thought, ‘You know what, you accomplish a lot. You should be proud of yourself. ’”- Angle said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

Kurt Angle on Brock Lesnar

Angle was delighted with Brock Lesnar and thinks that he is special because of many things. “Brock was special because not only was he a great amateur wrestler, but this guy was the most powerful, quickest person I’ve ever met for his size,” he said.

“[The] strongest, smartest, just overall best wrestler I’ve ever seen. It didn’t matter where Brock went, he was gonna succeed no matter what. It didn’t matter what sport you put him in — basketball, you put him in football, you put him in soccer, doesn’t matter.

He’s going to excel, he’s going to be at the top, he’s going to be the best at whatever he does. That’s how good Brock Lesnar is”.

Kurt Angle