Nick Aldis on his biggest SmackDown goal

"I’ve always got one eye on NXT, always looking at all of the amazing superstars"

by Sead Dedovic
Nick Aldis on his biggest SmackDown goal
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Nick Aldis holds the position of SmackDown General Manager and has already big ambitious plans for the brand's future. WWE executives have acknowledged Aldis' qualities, praising his leadership skills and expressing confidence in his ability to make crucial decisions.

“I would say that, coming in as the GM of the number one brand in all of sports entertainment, so there’s a standard to uphold, but certainly I’m not someone to rest on your laurels. I want to continue to grow the brand, continue to evolve the brand, and bring the most exciting matchups possible to the WWE Universe as part of the blue brand, or as part of WWE PLEs, but representing SmackDown.

That’s really my mission statement, to bring the absolute money matchups to the WWE Universe at the right time on behalf of the blue brand, the number one brand, SmackDown”. - Aldis said, as quoted by

Nick Aldis and his ambitions: My biggest goal is to widen the gap

SmackDown, as Aldis says, is already number one.

However, this great wrestler wants to attract superstars in the future. Aldis believes that this will not be a difficult task. In addition, NXT offers many talents that could do great things in SmackDown. “I’d say my biggest goal is to widen the gap.

SmackDown, we’re number one, and my biggest goal now is to attract the best superstars, particularly as we look ahead to the future. I’ve always got one eye on NXT, always looking at all of the amazing superstars emerging from there and making sure that, I want to widen that gap.

I want to make sure that when people talk about the WWE, they talk about SmackDown. That’s my ultimate goal, is for SmackDown to be synonymous with WWE and be synonymous with the industry as a whole”. - he concluded.