Valerie Loureda, who fought in MMA, became a real WWE star in a short time

Under the alias Lola Weiss, her performances will unfold in the world of wrestling, and a glimpse into her commitment to training is vividly portrayed through videos and Instagram posts

by Sededin Dedovic
Valerie Loureda, who fought in MMA, became a real WWE star in a short time
© Valerie Loureda Instagram Prinstscreen

In recent years, the landscape of American wrestling has undergone a remarkable expansion, emerging as a sport of immense popularity that continually draws an increasing number of spectators and aspiring athletes. Among the recent entrants to this dynamic world is Valerie Loureda, a 25-year-old American with Cuban roots.

After participating in just five MMA fights, she made the surprising decision to shift gears and transition to American wrestling. In a swift turn of events, she secured a lucrative contract with the largest wrestling organization globally, WWE, marking a significant chapter in her athletic career.

Adopting the persona of Lola Weiss, Loureda's commitment to her training regimen is evident from her videos and Instagram posts. Her dedication to the sport is palpable, creating a buzz among fans and enthusiasts. Beyond the athleticism, her persona adds an element of intrigue, capturing the imagination of many with just a glimpse of her formidable physique and commanding presence.

Expressing her joy over the transition from MMA to WWE, Loureda, now Lola Weiss, radiates satisfaction. In an emotional statement to Ariel Helwani, she shared, "I have now become the first Cuban-American woman, and I am now a WWE superstar.

I'm really excited, and I've dedicated my whole life to martial arts, and everything has come to this moment. And this is my opportunity to showcase my culture and entertain the world." The journey from MMA to WWE has been a culmination of lifelong dedication for Loureda.

Reflecting on her arduous upbringing, she emphasized her unwavering self-belief and the daily grind of rigorous training. Loureda's ascent to becoming a WWE superstar is not just a personal triumph but also a platform to represent her culture on a global stage.

"I'm emotional because I've worked really hard in my whole life. I've had a very hard upbringing, and every day, I've always just believed in myself, and trained hard hoping to make it to the next step and just chasing a dream that I've had in my heart since I was a baby," she shared with heartfelt emotion, underscoring the profound significance of this transformative moment in her career.

Valerie Loureda© RockyHitz / Youtube channel