Orange Cassidy Responds to Controversy Surrounding His AEW Persona


Orange Cassidy Responds to Controversy Surrounding His AEW Persona
Orange Cassidy Responds to Controversy Surrounding His AEW Persona © Bennett Raglin / Getty Images Entertainment

In the Under The Ring podcast, Orange Cassidy reacts to the criticism he constantly receives regarding his AEW character. Cassidy is frustrated by this, but feels no need to explain his character. It is up to wrestling fans to understand what his character wants to say.

Cassidy emphasizes that anyone who wants to can see the complete picture. “The idea that someone says they don’t understand me or they don’t get me, that’s an active choice. I think they choose not to.

I think they completely understand what is happening. Why do I have to explain myself to people, right? I feel that I’m going to put out the art that I’m going to do and then if you don’t like it, or if you don’t understand it, that’s fine.

That’s your thing. You don’t have people looking at someone’s sculpture or painting and being like, ‘Hmm. Have the artist stand here and tell me what they were doing.’ That’s ridiculous. I do hold professional wrestling to that standard and I think we all should be”.

- Orange Cassidy said, as quoted by!

Orange Cassidy talks about on-screen persona

Cassidy discussed whether his on-screen persona aligns with his real-life personality. Despite the common belief in stark contrast between television and private life, Cassidy endeavors to remain consistent and true to himself.

“No, this is just me. There’s no turning up or turning down. This is just who I am. So, I know that they say, ‘Oh, you’ve got to turn yourself up.’ No. This is just how I am”. - Cassidy concluded.

Orange Cassidy is an interesting character who certainly knows how to attract attention. Individuals obviously do not like his character, but he is a person who has his own direction, and he does not look back at anyone's reactions.