Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins become parents

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Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins become parents

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins become parents. In this long and very strange year for the WWE and in general for the pro-wrestling world, a great hope has changed the mood of the WWE Universe fans in a full pandemic, or the news of Becky Lynch's pregnancy, who had announced some long ago that the couple formed by her and the former Universal Champion of the federation, Seth Rollins, was waiting for the arrival of a baby.

After abandoning the scenes of the McMahon company since May, as soon as she learned she was pregnant, Becky Lynch has completely disappeared from the television screens of the federation, reappearing only a few days ago in a photo shoot in which she showed off her baby bump, in company of her boyfriend.

In the last few days no new updates had come out, but it is news in the last few minutes that the Irish athlete gave birth to little Roux, as was promptly announced by the couple on the Instagram profile of the former Raw and SmackDown champion, unleashing a huge reaction from fans all over the world who were looking forward to this announcement.

These are her words on Instagram: "Welcome to the Roux world. You are the love of our life. #Andnew" Below you can see the official photo of Becky Lynch on Instagram, with the baby girl's hand and that of father Seth Rollins:

As for their return, there are still no certain news, but The Man has declared that he wants to return to action very soon, while for Rollins the period of leave given to him by the WWE has just begun, but he could have plans for him already for the Royal Rumble, PPV in which he could return.

We at can only join the joy of Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins and wish a good life to little Roux who will surely be able to count on the great love of two parents who have waited for her with so much impatience and so much sweetnesS.

Nikki Bella on John Cena

Former WWE superstar and champion Nikki Bella intervened during the All Things Vanderpump podcast and tried to answer all the questions from fans. At one point, the wrestler found herself answering an uncomfortable question about her ex-boyfriend John Cena.

A fan asked Bella if she had congratulated her ex-boyfriend John Cena on her marriage to Shay Shariatzadeh. The girl said no, looking almost slightly annoyed and using these words: "I do not know... To be honest Thinking about it, well I didn't wish him well.

Are there any rules for situations like these? I must? Should I send flowers? I honestly don't know how to behave in cases and situations like these." A few minutes later Fearless Niki seemed to correct her shot and sent an important message to her ex boyfriend: "John, congratulations on your wedding.

I'm really very happy for you." In the past, John Cena and Nikki Bella have had an affair with the two who dated right after Cena divorced ex-wife Elisabeth Huberdeau. At Wrestlemania 33 with an almost crazy crowd, Cena made a marriage proposal to Nikki Bella, but then the relationship didn't work out anymore and the two broke up in April 2018.

As for future plans, WWE seems to have no real plans for John Cena, according to Wrestling Observer colleagues. The wrestler is currently under contract with the company as a real wrestler and not even as an ambassador but for the moment it seems that WWE wants to keep the role of John Cena on standby (thanks to the absence of an audience in the stands). The federation is waiting for better times to bring the leader of the Chain Gang back to the ring.