WWE Superstar may be fired for certain behaviors

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WWE Superstar may be fired for certain behaviors

WWE Superstar may be fired for certain behaviors. As we saw in the latest episode of SmackDown, King Corbin has announced his two new allies. The latter are Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake and this can in all probability indicate that the initial plans for the now Forgotten Sons, who wanted them to be pairing champions by beating the champions of the time, the New Day, in one of their first matches.

ended up in oblivion. However, in recent months there had been a lot of speculation as to why WWE hadn't continued to throw the three boys, and it was eventually discovered that the former NXT stable had been banned from the WWE big screens after the tweet was released.

Ryker quoting some anti-Black Lives Matter words and also some anti-mask use. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke about the absence of the aforementioned wrestler on SmackDown: "He wasn't on SmackDown.

The reason he wasn't there is why all the Forgotten Sons guys haven't been used for some time. These poor kids have gone through a lot of chaos around them just because he's a complete idiot." Words about the wrestler's probable release "He hasn't been fired yet, but I believe that in the next round of decisions about the future of many wrestlers, his name may appear among those fired."

Over the years there have been many situations similar to these at WWE and therefore the possibility of seeing him again could still be present in the mind of Vince McMahon, perhaps in some time, but at the moment things do not seem to be going very well for him, indeed, far from it.

Does WWE insist on a return of the Bellas to the ring?

One of the most loved couples by the female audience and by the younger one of the WWE, is undoubtedly the one formed by the twins Bella, who for years have raged in the rings of the Stamford federation, going to win several world titles and even reaching the Hall of Fame.

of the company, in the ceremony that should have been held during this year devastated by the world pandemic. After both marrying and starting a family with their respective partners, Daniel Bryan and the dancer of the American program "Dancing with the Stars" Artem Chigvintsev, the two WWE athletes have decided to retire, with Nikki's health problems.

Bella who apparently were more serious than they initially appeared to be, with the girl having, in addition to having serious neck problems, also encountered a brain cyst that could have caused several problems in her in-ring performance.

According to what was revealed by Nikki's own husband, Artem Chigvintsev, in the last period the Stamford federation would have started a close conversation with the twins, to be able to bring them back on-screen even for a short period, with the contribution of the two that would be athletic and therefore just like a wrestler and not with a secondary role.

Speaking to the US Weekly newspaper, Nikki's husband confirmed that there is an open dialogue between his wife and sister-in-law and WWE, with the three parties who are said to be negotiating for a return of the Bella Twins to the WWE rings soon.

The only certain words that Chigvintsev could have expressed on the matter were: "You are talking to the federation about a possible return and to do something with Brie." Apparently, then, despite Brie's big commitments with the now extended family and Nikki's health problems, the Bella Twins may not yet be completely retired from in-ring competition, with the two former wrestlers as much loved as they are. hated by WWE Univesrse, who may soon return to the McMahon square.