Prominent WWE Superstar Expresses Admiration for Collaborating with CM Punk


Prominent WWE Superstar Expresses Admiration for Collaborating with CM Punk
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Chavo Guerrero talked to Renee Dupree's podcast about his time in WWE as well as his friendship with CM Punk. Chavo is happy that he had the opportunity to work with CM Punk. Interestingly, it was CM who initiated the conversation with Guerrero and proposed the idea of hosting the match.

"That story of me beating CM Punk, so Punk was the champ in ECW. He was very cool, and the reason why we started working is because he went to Vince McMahon and goes, ‘Hey.’ First, he came to me and goes, ‘Hey, Chavo, you want to work a program with me?’ I was like, ‘Hell yes.’ He goes, ‘Eddie was a big influence on me, and I just think that we could do really well.’ So we went to Vince.

Vince approved it, liked it”. - he said.

Chavo Guerrero on Jericho's words

Chris Jericho's words changed CM Punk's image even more in Guerrero's eyes. WWE executives realized that Chavo and CM Punk had chemistry. Guerrero indicated once again that he never had any problems with CM Punk, and that he enjoyed working with him.

“Originally, this is, Chris Jericho told me this, he was pretty high up there. He told me, ‘You know you were supposed to just have a small program with CM Punk, and when it was time to take it off Punk, that were going to put it on Shelton Benjamin.

But because you work so well together, they put it on you. It was not the original plan.’ So that’s kind of how that happened. Man, I loved working with Punk. All the stuff going on with him now, I’m not there, I don’t see it.

But I had no issues whatsoever when we worked together. We worked together probably two-or-three hundred times, or hundreds of times, a long time, for months and months. We never had a problem. Literally not one issue. We’d call most of it in the ring, we’d go in there and just go for it.

It was awesome. I had no issues with him. I wish we’d work again, that’s how much I liked it”. Source: Pwmania

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