Booker T on the chances of CM Punk returning to WWE


Booker T on the chances of CM Punk returning to WWE
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There is a lot of talk about CM Punk's return to WWE. Booker T is one of those who believes it could be a real thing. Despite all the scandals surrounding him, Booker T believes that CM Punk could become part of the WWE again.

“I could see CM Punk wanting to find his way back into the WWE,” Booker T said. “I could see that. We’re talking about it right now”. Considering the previous experiences that Booker T had the opportunity to see, he thinks that the same could happen this time.

“Also, I’m gonna go out on a limb here. I’m not gonna put it past WWE hiring him back. I don’t know, I can’t say. But I do know that just about everybody that’s left WWE has come back, no matter what problems they’ve had.

Even The Ultimate Warrior, I don’t think anybody thought The Ultimate Warrior would come back”.

Booker T on MJF

Booker T also recently spoke about MJF's future after his contract with AEW expires. “I’m not surprised.

But, you know, it’s not something that’s on my radar or anything like that. But what was on my radar? I was reading earlier, and it was about. MJF, I don’t know if you saw that article, but it was about MJF, about the Wembley show.

Okay, that’s going to be coming up in 2024, right? And the poster just came out. And everybody’s on the poster. Adam Copeland’s headline on the poster. Everybody’s on the poster except MJF. And that’s leading to a lot of speculation.

Suppose MJF is still going to be a part of AEW when that show comes around. Maybe he doesn’t want to get locked up. Maybe he wants to test the waters. Maybe he wants to go to WWE. Maybe he wants to be a megastar one day. Maybe he wants a headline at WrestleMania.

A lot of guys, that’s not important. They say that’s not important to them these days. They say, you know, WrestleMania. I mean, you know, the indies are fine. A lot of guys will say that I’m just going to work in the indies.

I don’t want to do WrestleMania. I don’t want to work in front of a hundred thousand. So it may be one of those things where MJF said, ‘Look, man, we’ll talk when my contract is up, and we’ll go from there.’ He may want to be a free agent for a minute.

He may want to test the waters. He may want to see exactly how big the check is going to be that Tony Khan is willing to cut. And I don’t think he will actually know until the contract is up. That’s when he knows how much money you really are willing to pay.

All right. And I think I’m holding his cards close to the vest. I think it’s smart, you know. So if that is true, which that poster might be leading to, we don’t know if he’s going to be here or not. So we can’t put him in the picture.

That’s what it sounds like to me. I could be wrong. I could be wrong. He’s got a hell of a good strategy going for him here, so I love it”. Source: Pwmania

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