Cody Rhodes on out of body experience in WWE


Cody Rhodes on out of body experience in WWE
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Even as a boy, Cody Rhodes dreamed of being on the biggest stage and becoming a great wrestler. Cody achieved his dream and succeeded in what he dreamed of. However, imagining and experiencing something are two completely different things.

After working his way up to his current status, Rhodes realized how big a deal he had made. He considers himself lucky to be in this situation. Ascending through the ranks of professional wrestling, Rhodes encountered numerous challenges and sacrifices along the way.

Each obstacle he overcame and every victory he celebrated served as stepping stones toward his current status as a wrestling icon “When you grow up wanting to play quarterback, you work for it and envision it, but experiencing it is almost out of body.

I’m very lucky. I’m a slow learner, but it feels like I have found clothes that fit: the American Nightmare’s clothes. ”- Rhodes said.

Cody Rhodes and fans reaction to RAW

Rhodes responded to the fact that fans don't want to miss RAW.

He understands them very well and thinks that the fans will have something to see. Cody is a wrestler who impressed everyone, including the fans. He has a huge fan base that has been with him since the beginning of his career.

The combination of his wrestling prowess, charisma, and the strong bond he shares with his fan base ensures that every moment in the ring is an experience that fans don't want to miss.
“I wouldn’t miss it. I was the first pick in the draft for Raw.

I think the long-time wrestling fan is loyal and always watching, but if you’re somebody who fell out and are hearing about this wild golden age we’ve entered, come find out what all the fuss is about”. Even more great things are expected from Cody in the future.

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