Corey Graves reveals if he wants to see CM Punk in WWE


Corey Graves reveals if he wants to see CM Punk in WWE
Corey Graves reveals if he wants to see CM Punk in WWE © Duane Prokop / Getty Images Entertainment

Corey Graves talked about CM Punk on the Kurt Angle podcast. Graves got an interesting question; Would he welcome CM Punk to WWE? Corey was a great friend with CM Punk, but over time they lost contact and weren't as good friends as they used to be.

“I’m amazed it took this long, it’s been a few months for someone to actually throw this question my way. Usually, I’m doing the hosting, so I’m asking everyone else. This is a fun turn of events.

Listen, Punk was always great to me when I was coming up, we were really really close. I’ve told the story of how I missed my son being born, Punk was in Pittsburgh at the time and was the first guy who held my son after he was born.

We were tight. Fast forward a few years, I don’t really know what happened. We sort of fell out for one reason or another. I said some disparaging things, in a very public and unprofessional manner. We haven’t spoken since prior to then."- Graves said.

Corey Graves on CM Punk

Graves has nothing against CM Punk though. He is ready to be friends with him again, and sees him in WWE. "At the end of the day, rather than sitting here and wasting everybody’s time. I’m a professional.

I’m too old to hold grudges. I feel like whatever has happened is water under the bridge. I have a whole different life, I’m in a different place in my life than I was back when all that stuff went down. If it’s right for business, who am I to say no? I’m a pro at the end of the day.

I would happily do whatever is needed and I would shake the man’s hand and move on and see what life holds”. Source: Pwmania

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