Eric Bischoff on Cody Rhodes and what the audience wants to see


Eric Bischoff on Cody Rhodes and what the audience wants to see
Eric Bischoff on Cody Rhodes and what the audience wants to see © Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Eric Bischoff talked about interesting topics in his Strictly Business podcast. Cody Rhodes, who is currently experiencing the best days of his career, was also the subject of this podcast. Bischoff thinks it would be great if Rhodes became world champion.

He believes that the audience fantasizes about such a scenario and wants to see it as soon as possible. “It’s awesome. WrestleMania is going to be here in about 20 minutes. And if Cody comes out on top and completes the journey and moves on to his next journey, there’s plenty of time to sell a lot.

All that is an indication that the audience wants it. The audience wants it as bad for Cody as Cody wants it, and that’s the perfect scenario. Want to see Cody become a champion and complete his journey."- he said.

Eric Bischoff on Rhodes' journey: His journey is that of magic

Bischoff has a great opinion of Rhodes.

Cody is a wrestler who possesses many qualities and knows how to attract attention. What he did in a short period of time is a good indication of how good Rhodes is. Although his career wasn't always on the upswing, Cody never doubted himself and experienced a rapid rise in the last couple of years.

WWE executives recognized this. Now all that remains is to see if Rhodes will become world champion. "His journey is that of magic. That’s the nuance. Art of creative. And, you know, I hate to call it booking because it’s not really booking anymore, but that’s the art in creating.

Creating that emotion, creating that desire, and making a character so compelling that the audience is just gnashing their teeth, wanting to see him complete that journey or her. That’s the magic. And like I said, WrestleMania will be here in about 20 minutes, so we got plenty of time, brother”.

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