John Cena on working with Bray Wyatt


John Cena on working with Bray Wyatt
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Throughout his long career, John Cena had the opportunity to work with well-known names in the wrestling scene. One of them is Bray Wyatt. In one of the YouTube videos, Cena emphasized that it was great to work with Bray, considering that both of them were creative and knew how to balance the joint creativity.

Wyatt was a person who was never limited by certain things. He loved freedom and wanted them to show WWE fans his full potential. “I really enjoyed performing with Bray. We were cut from the same cloth in that regard. Both storytellers and both wanting to do bizarre things, and I think we, him and I, have always tried to do different things, and we’ve embraced each other’s creativity.

Using the child at the door of the cage, the Firefly Funhouse match, those are ideas that come from a unique individual. I always loved Windham’s creativity. He never strictly leaned on the physicality of anything. He was always about the art and the story”.

- Cena said.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins also talked about Wyatt's tragic death at Mythical Kitchen's "Last Meals." The moment he learned about such news, he could not believe that it was really true. Rollins had a great relationship with Wyatt and huge respect for him.

“It really does feel like a family often and Windham (Rotunda) was someone that I loved and worked with very closely for many years. We came up in the business together and so I was very close with him and so it was a huge shock that he had passed and left.

Still doesn’t feel real sometimes. But most of the crew had gotten together on Friday for our SmackDown show and they kind of were able to grieve together and sort of breathe that collective sigh, you know, talking about him and doing all that but I wasn’t there."
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