Booker T Explains Why CM Punk Could Thrive in IMPACT Wrestling


Booker T Explains Why CM Punk Could Thrive in IMPACT Wrestling
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Booker T talked about CM Punk on his “Hall Of Fame” podcast and the fact that CM Punk would do great things if he became a part of IMPACT. Booker T emphasizes that young wrestlers would have a lot to learn from CM Punk.

“I look at it like this. If CM Punk was to go to IMPACT Wrestling and be a part of that, that crew down there, I think it’s definitely something that, it could work. I really do. I think there’s a lot of young guys down there, I think there’s a lot of young guys, just like in AEW, that could learn and maybe look towards CM Punk for some guidance and whatever.

I don’t know. I don’t know how well that’s gonna work out or anything like that. But that’s the way I see that."- he said.

Booker T on CM Punk

Booker T also thinks that by going to IMPACT, CM Punk would have more attention from the audience.

A lot could be seen in his performances then. "The one thing I also think about with CM Punk going to IMPACT Wrestling, unlike AEW, unlike WWE, his wrestling is gonna be more spotlighted on. Just because it’s smaller crowds, everything is gonna be seen.

You’re not gonna be able to hide anything in an arena like that. One thing about getting older, you’re gonna lose a step. That’s just the way it is. I just think it would be so much more noticeable. You would be looking at CM Punk’s work so much more than anything outside of what he would be doing at TNA.

I’m talking about promos, I’m talking about angles. You’re gonna be looking at his work more than anything, I would think. I think that’s a position I wouldn’t want to put myself in”. Source:

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