Ilja Dragunov reveals what advice he received from John Cena

"He gives you a whole different perspective"

by Sead Dedovic
Ilja Dragunov reveals what advice he received from John Cena
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John Cena is a man who has built a great career and achieved enormous success. This experienced wrestler uses every moment to give the necessary advice to individuals who have yet to build their careers under the blue sky. One of them is Ilja Dragunov.

In an interview with TV Insider, it was Dragunov who revealed what advice he received from Cena. Dragunov has enormous respect for John, given that he decided to devote his time and give useful advice. His perspective is really different from many.

“It wasn’t a long conversation. What I really appreciated was him just randomly pulling me aside. This was something that doesn’t happen every day. He spoke about making moments and building a connection. That is what we were talking about.

He gives you a whole different perspective, even when you may have the same opinion on things. When you have his approval, then you have the right mindset for this business, and you are on the right path”. - John Cena said.

Ilja Dragunov on meeting The Undertaker

Dragunov was also delighted with the moment he met The Undertaker. The stars he once had the opportunity to watch on TV and admire were now a meter away from him. It was certainly a great chance for him to learn many things.

When you experience such moments, you realize that persistence has paid off. In addition, understand that nothing in this life is impossible when you really want something. “Meeting those legendary performers for the first time.

You feel the connection between the present and the past in a very special way. A lot of people felt proud because you watched those guys growing up and now you’re in the same working environment. It gets you feeling in life, you feel everything is possible”.


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