Rey Mysterio on Dragon Lee and Logan Paul earning respect


Rey Mysterio on Dragon Lee and Logan Paul earning respect
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Rey Mysterio spoke to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour about Dragon Lee and the fact that he could become his own version of Rey Mysterio. Rey is aware of how difficult it is to be unique in WWE but believes Lee could do great things.

“I’ve been watching Dragon Lee and how he’s been growing. The fact that he’s now brought up to SmackDown and is no longer part of NXT. He has a lot of potential to grow and be his own person. I’ve always said it’s very hard to duplicate someone.

You’re never going to find another Undertaker, Kane, Eddie [Eddie Guerrero], Rey. When Dragon Lee makes his mark, and he will, he’s going to become his version of Rey Mysterio”. - he said.

Logan Paul

When Logan Paul came to WWE, he didn't get the respect he expected.

When you come from another sport and try to impose yourself, it can be very difficult and exhausting. However, with his effort and work, as well as his quality, Paul has shown that he deserves his place in this company. Rey Mysterio emphasized that Paul earned the respect of everyone.

Now it's his responsibility to maintain the same level of dedication and demonstrate the qualities he possesses to everyone.
“The buzz was a little standoffish and cold [toward Paul at first]. I think slowly … the more he was around, and the more we saw him taking this to heart, then we started to give that respect.

And that’s how it is — you embrace, you know? People that walk in from another world into our sport … that happens in any sport. But he has gained the respect of all of us. We see how much he appreciates [this industry] and the work he puts in to go out there and perform”.


Logan Paul