Booker T's take on LA Knight's opportunity against Roman Reigns


Booker T's take on LA Knight's opportunity against Roman Reigns
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Booker T commented on the match between LA Knight and Roman Reigns in his "Hall Of Fame" podcast this time. Many are wondering if LA Knight can dethrone Reigns. Booker T emphasized that many are already talking about such an option and that it would really be a shock for many!

“I don’t know if they’re going to pull the trigger on him right now,” Booker T said. “But I’ll tell you what. I never try to write the show. We talk about that on this show all the time. You know, we just had Mark Henry last week.

Say I refer to Mark Henry, Bubba Ray, Disco Inferno, those types of guys to actually give you guys the synopsis of how the show should go or how it should. But I can tell you this if they were to pull the trigger on LA Knight … what a surprise it would be!

And how many people would go nuts?”- he said.

Booker T on LA Knight chances

Booker T still does not know what to expect in this match, but it is certain that many would like to see a surprise. WWE leaders have certainly created a good plan, but it is hard to expect that LA Knight can really reach the belt.

This unpredictability and excitement is what makes WWE so interesting. “So my thing is, I’m a fan, just like you guys. I’m wishing for Knight to get the big push. Because one thing about this business is always talking about also the sand in the hourglass, the clock is ticking, and you want to capitalize right now.

You don’t want to wait till tomorrow to capitalize on something like late night because that fire is going to burn out. It’s not going to be this hot. It’s not going to be this hot forever, LA Knight. So it’s just like a wrestling match.

You want to go home when the fire is, is, as hot as it can be. Why not go home? Send them home, man. See, that’s what I’m saying. That’s a book, you know. So, I think that’s the same thing with LA Knight. He’s hot, man.

He’s hot. He’s white hot. And if they were to pull the trigger on it on LA Knight, I think the people would go nuts. I really do. You talk about the Intercontinental Championship. I’m talking about the World Championship, the WWE title.

If they put it on him right now. People go nuts. They really would”. Source: PWMANIA

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