Ted DiBiase on relationship with Vince McMahon


Ted DiBiase on relationship with Vince McMahon
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On the "Everybody's Got a Pod" podcast, Ted DiBiase talked about interesting topics within the wrestling scene, one of which was his involvement in Mickie James' main roster call-up.
“It’s hard to explain. It’s like it’s one of those things where when you see it and you recognize it’s kind of like, oh gosh.

Brad Armstrong, who has passed away the first time I saw Brad. In the ring and watched him. I remember saying it to myself. I said, this kid’s got it. And boy, did he have it. You talk about, I mean, I mean lasting way, way. When I heard that he had passed away, I was just shocked.

You know, so much talent, an unbelievable future in the business and gone way too young. Way too young. Devastating. Yeah, yeah, but he was one of those guys when I just. When I saw him, I said, “he’s got it, he’s got it”.

- DiBiase said, as quoted by pwmania.com

DiBiase on his relationship with Vince McMahon

DiBiase also referred to his relationship with Vince McMahon, which was good. There was no animosity between them. “I never had a problem getting along with Vince.

There was never any animosity. You know, I know. I know that when I left and went to WCW if there was ever a time that Vince might have been somewhat disappointed in me, that might be it. I know I had the one conversation that I had with him when I went back to work for him and I tried to explain why I left, and I said you’re a guy.

You’re running a company, this monster machine. And. You see a place where you want me to go, and that’s where you put me. Yeah. And I said at that time, it’s kind of like I didn’t see you being the guy to be interested in my personal life and what’s going on enough to kind of like, you’re a businessman and you’re telling one of your employees, this is where I’m going to put you.

This is where you can best help me. Rather than I didn’t want to, I guess I just, like I told him, didn’t want to bother you with my personal feelings and reason for not wanting to go on the road. I didn’t want to go.

I didn’t want to go back and even take that chance. To be on the road again and be back out, like the next show, the next town, the next party, all that stuff. And, you know, even though I didn’t. Anticipate that. You know what it was like.

It was so big that I didn’t want to do it. And he told me, Teddy said, “you should have come talk to me”.

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