Ric Flair's Explanations for Omitting The Rock from His Wrestling Legends List

"I think part of the Mount Rushmore is longevity"

by Sead Dedovic
Ric Flair's Explanations for Omitting The Rock from His Wrestling Legends List
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Ric Flair elaborated on his reasons for excluding himself from his personal Wrestling Mount Rushmore during an interview with The Breakfast Club. Ric Flair still believes that there are many better than him.
“I think it’s better to have somebody else put you there.

My amount Rushmore in terms of importance to the business is Stone Cold, Hulk, obviously, Undertaker, and I think Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels is the greatest performer of all time in our business. I can do a little of everything.

That doesn’t make me the best. I’m just being me [laughs]. I never say stuff like that. I consider myself to be lucky to be considered one of the best”. - he said, as quoted by pwmania.com! Reporters were interested in why Flair left The Rock off the list.

Although he thinks highly of him, Fair revealed why he left The Rock off this list.
“He would be, except he didn’t stay long enough. I think part of the Mount Rushmore is longevity. It’s hard to be really good, and The Rock was great.

But he took off. He’s on my Mount Rushmore for interview skills and everything else, and I remain very close to him”.

Ric Flair and his earnings

Ric Flair's career is marked by many amazing moments. He gained huge fame and earned huge money.

Many wonder how much Flair has earned in his career. He never revealed that. But on the other hand, Flair revealed how much he's made in one year; “For a full year, the most I ever made? $800,000. I make twice that with Ryan Fiterman.

I just gotta go hang out with him while he drinks tequila. That was in one year. It was [$500,000] for the most before that”. A great figure, it must be admitted, especially when you take into account the period in which he dominated. Flair has really built a great career!

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