Kofi Kingston on the progress of Roman Reigns and his quality


Kofi Kingston on the progress of Roman Reigns and his quality
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Roman Reigns is currently one of the most popular wrestlers in the company. His qualities were recognized by everyone, including his colleagues. Kofi Kingston is one of those who only has words of praise for Reigns. Kingston is particularly impressed with Reigns' progress in a short period of time.

This wrestler showed that everything is possible when you really want it. “I think Roman has done a fantastic job. If you go back and look what Roman started off as and what he is now, the difference is legitimate night and day.

Being able to be yourself is, I think, the key to really going to the next level and really immersing yourself in your character. It makes it a lot easier when there’s a little bit of yourself in there”. - he said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

Kofi Kingston on Reigns' old days

Kingston recalled Reigns' The Shield days. Roman understood that he has the potential and quality for the greatest things. He took matters into his own hands and built a great career. Kingston believes that Reigns is one of the greatest legends of this sport.

“Roman has done his own thing. He’s really taken his game to another level. He kind of got thrown into the fire. Granted, he was with The Shield, Seth (Rollins) and Dean Ambrose, initially, where he was allowed to kind of be the big dog, but I think he took that time to really absorb the business and grow and sure enough, when he got the chance to really soar, he did that, beyond measure.

He’s probably one of the greatest superstars of all time now. When it goes down in the history books, you’ll look back at Roman Reigns and think of him in the same vein as The Undertakers, the John Cenas and all the top guys. It’s been really amazing to watch that whole Bloodline’s saga”.

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