Farewell to Pat Patterson: between tributes and greetings

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Farewell to Pat Patterson: between tributes and greetings

Pat Patterson, one of the greatest legends not only in WWE but more generally in wrestling, passed away at the age of 79. The one who, before entering the WWE Hall of Fame, was the creator of none other than the Royal Rumble and the title of Intercontinental Champion, has been honored by many friends, colleagues and heirs.

But one of the most delicate memories is that given to him by The Rock, now an absolute star of Hollywood but who during his time in the ring managed to boast both the conquest of the intercontinental title and the Royal Rumble.

"Rest in peace Pat. We will miss you," reads the beginning of the long post that Dwayne Johnson dedicated to the legendary fighter and manager. So the People's Champion continues in his tribute: "This morning I had very heavy telephone conversations, the ones where I was informed that a dear member of our family, Pat Patterson, my mentor in pro-wrestling is a father figure to me, if he's gone.

A WWE Hall of Famer, a TRUE trailblazer and one of the most brilliantly creative wrestling minds the industry has ever known. "

The Rock, Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson

Then The Rock reveals how Pat Patterson was instrumental in his own career: "He was also responsible for the phone call to Vince McMahon, when I was training to be a pro wrestler (my $ 7-a-day time) .

He told him he should see this guy at work in the ring. "From that conversation, for then Rocky Maivia everything changed: "Vince took me to RAW a few weeks later and I had my first EVER meeting in Corpus Christie, Texas.

The rest is history and years later here I am. to write this post." The Rock concludes his last farewell to Pat Patterson with the help of Frank Sinatra's words, in that "My Way" which he calls Patterson's "favorite song": "I've lived a full life, I've traveled every single highway.

But more of this, much more. I did it my way." The former Intercontinental champion died a few hours ago in Miami, Florida, and many messages were delivered to him and his family. Among these, that of Vince McMahon also stands out, who wanted to remember him warmly.

Here are his words: "Pat Patterson is more than just the first Intercontinental Champion and the father of the Royal Rumble Match. He helped WWE become what we all know today. His help has shaped careers, his creativity has brought innovation and a relationship with he raised his spirits.

We love you, Pat. We miss you."