Jake Roberts: Vince McMahon's mustache is the most embarrassing thing I've seen


Jake Roberts: Vince McMahon's mustache is the most embarrassing thing I've seen
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Jake "The Snake" Roberts commented on Vince McMahon's new look on his "Snake Pit" podcast. Roberts is disappointed with McMahon's appearance and thinks he looks like a cartoon character. Roberts finds his mustache and hair quite embarrassing.

"I’ll tell you the most embarrassing thing I’ve seen. And that’s Vince’s mustache. The thing is brutal. And you know, he’s dyed his hair that dark black. He looks like some cartoon character”.

- Roberts said, as quoted by pwmania.com! Coal miner's glove match with Sting at Halloween Havoc 1992 was also one of the topics. Roberts still remembers that match with nostalgia and chills. “Yeah you know, Sting and I were so fortunate to get the greatest match of all.

You know, the dreaded God fearing, ‘Oh, no.’ Which just sends chills through my body even as I speak”.

Jake Roberts on Von Erichs

Roberts also talked about Fritz Von Erich, as well as his unpredictability.

Robert was particularly frustrated during that period. “It was crazy. You didn’t know what the hell you were going to do, and you didn’t know why you were going to do it. Most frustrating time of my life. Absolutely, without a doubt.

You couldn’t follow anything. Because the boys were doing whatever they wanted. And usually, that meant your shoulders to the mat. One, two, three”. Jake believes that the Von Erichs did not understand many things and that they were not aware of what it means to be responsible.

It is obvious that he was very frustrated with their work.
“They were like little kids, man. They were like. They were like 15-year-olds. Oh, man. You know, they didn’t have, they didn’t understand responsibility.

They didn’t understand anything. They were just young, very young. And they’d been pushed into this position and the demands were huge. Huge. They didn’t want the responsibility. None of them did”.

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