Ric Flair on how social media has affected today's wrestlers


Ric Flair on how social media has affected today's wrestlers
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The world of sports has experienced many changes in the last few years. New generations bring new things. There's a lot of new stuff, and those older fans obviously don't like that stuff. Ric Flair, a WWE legend, in a conversation with Chris Van Vliet, commented on the changes within WWE and made a comparison between the period when he was part of the company and the current period.

“Some of them like Charlotte, and I’m not gonna list the talent, but there’s a lot of talent that understand you have to be able to put things in at times in the match when they are more meaningful. AJ Styles is really good.

It’s being able to turn the audience where they’re reacting to what you want them to, instead of them telling you what to do”. - Flair said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

Ric Flair on social media

Flair put a special emphasis on social media.

With the creation of social media, a lot has changed. Most athletes need to read comments from fans. In many cases, it does not bring any good. Flair believes that wrestlers must listen to the top people in the company. They are the ones who know the business best.

“A lot of guys listen to the audience, and then instead of listening to what Vince [McMahon] says in gorilla [position] or Michael Hayes, they run to the computer to see what the fans are saying. Social media has ruined it.

Some of these kids would rather have someone that knows nothing about wrestling say, ‘God, that was cool,’ when it was the living sh*ts. In other words, only care about what the guy says that’s sitting in that chair.

Those guys all have experience. Listen to what they’re saying, don’t listen to what the fans are saying”.

Ric Flair