Kurt Angle on multi-man matches and why he doesn't like them


Kurt Angle on multi-man matches and why he doesn't like them
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Kurt Angle talked about multi-man matches on his Kurt Angle show podcast. Angle emphasized that he is not a fan of such matches, considering that it is very complicated to be a part of such matches. “No, because you can’t go by instinct.

You have to plan everything out. You have to memorize every single thing. You must know what order you’re in when wrestling in the ring. When you’re selling outside the ring, it’s complicated. And the more guys you add to it, it gets even more complicated.

I like singles matches. That’s what I’m best at, and that’s what I want to do. That’s it. Nothing else”. - he said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

Kurt Angle on title matches

Angle also talked about title matches and whether multiple challengers spoil the title fight;
“Yes, because when a guy gets a title shot, he’s focused on that title shot.

It’s just him against the champion. Now you’re saying you’re saying, hey, we’re going to have four four guys going for challengers, going for the title. It does. It cheapens the title. Yes”. Kurt Angle recently spoke about Sting and his great career.

Angle believes that Sting is a great legend that he always wanted to face in a singles match. His career was truly impressive. "Sting was one of those guys that if you had him in the match, you wanted to have him in a singles match.

You wanted to make sure it was more important. He was such an icon and a legend that I would have used him sparingly. I would have used him just for world title matches, one-on-ones, and maybe a big tag match. But yeah, him putting them in there kind of prostituted him a little bit. You need to protect Sting. That’s what I believe”.

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