Eric Bischoff discusses Jade Cargill's career and how it will differ in AEW


Eric Bischoff discusses Jade Cargill's career and how it will differ in AEW
Eric Bischoff discusses Jade Cargill's career and how it will differ in AEW © Leon Bennett / Getty Images Sport

Eric Bischoff commented on Jade Cargill on his 83 Weeks podcast. Many are wondering what Cargill's career will look like within WWE and if it will be different from AEW. Bischoff thinks WWE is doing a great job waiting for Cargill to be the best version of herself.

“Everybody’s going to be anxious to see where she goes next, including me, by the way. But as I said, I think a couple of weeks ago when it first was announced that she was going over there, I think I said something to the effect, I’ll paraphrase myself, ‘I wouldn’t expect to see her in the ring right away because the expectations and the level of performance in WWE and the expectations that come with it.’ How she works in the ring is decidedly different in WWE than it is in AEW and a mistake, a big mistake the WWE theoretically could make because they won’t make it — theoretically could make — would be to rush her out there and put her in a ring and put her in a match and put her in a story before she’s really ready.

She’s not WWE-ready yet. Now she may be ready two weeks from now. She may be ready two months from now." -he said, as quoted by

Eric Bischoff on Jade Cargill

Bischoff emphasized that there are many factors in the whole story.

Cargill doesn't have that much experience, and besides, WWE is a completely different story than AEW. "Time will tell. But I think it’s a really smart idea and very disciplined to make sure that she’s ready, and particularly with Paul because I think that’s one of the things that he would like the most.

Vince would too. But Paul really would want to make sure that she’s going to overdeliver on her expectations in WWE and not put her in there so soon or too soon in a situation where she could. Expose herself, or when I say expose herself, you know what I mean? Expose the fact that she’s still relatively green in the business.

She hasn’t been wrestling that long. It’s only been a couple of years. And let’s be honest, she hasn’t been on TV a ton and the expectations are far different than they are in WWE, So she’s not ready yet”.

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