Eric Bischoff: If CM Punk comes to WWE, you won't see his AEW version anymore


Eric Bischoff: If CM Punk comes to WWE, you won't see his AEW version anymore
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In his Strictly Business podcast, Eric Bischoff talked about the potential possibilities of CM Punk being part of the WWE. While many skeptics believe it won't happen, we're aware that WWE has a history of making unexpected and unconventional decisions that leave everyone surprised.

Bischoff offers an intriguing perspective on the entire situation. “Multiple takes. My first one is that, how many times have you heard me say, John. Creating momentum is difficult as it is much easier than maintaining momentum? And there is without question — if you look at the data WWE is on an upswing.

Ratings, revenue, attendance, by every real data point WWE has created over the last real, year and a half? Quite a bit of momentum. So when you ask me, ‘Is WWE in need of CM Punk?’ No. But I would see him, Punk, contribute to maintaining or building upon that momentum, without question”.

- Bischoff said, as quoted by!

Bischoff on CM Punk in AEW and WWE

Eric Bischoff also emphasizes that CM Punk will not be the same wrestler as he was in AEW. There are many reasons for that. “Well, as I’ve also said before, there’s a tremendous amount of backstory.

There’s history there, and there’s an amazing pool of talent for Punk to work with as well as be supported by. A highly qualified and talented group of writers and producers, and senior management. I think I said on this show weeks ago when this subject first came up after Punk left, when you asked me or perhaps a fan asked, you know, what would you think about Punk going to WWE? It would be an entirely different situation.

The CM Punk that we saw, the unprofessional CM Punk that we saw in [AEW], you’re not going to see that in WWE. It’s an entirely different universe. Talking about the corporate universe. That’s the big difference”.

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