Lacey Evans shows 'the arsenal' on Instagram

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Lacey Evans shows 'the arsenal' on Instagram

We are used to seeing Lacey Evans in the WWE rings as the Sassy Southern Belle, who depending on the case recalls either a pin-up from the 50s or recalls military and seafaring themes, linked to her real past in the Marines.

In everyday life, however, Lacey Evans is a decidedly independent and reckless woman. And which also boasts rather unusual pastimes, at least outside the borders of the United States. Like the one for firearms. And her love for shotguns clearly emerged in her Instagram post a few days ago, in which the beautiful Raw fighter (actually born in the south of the States, since she comes from Georgia) decided to unleash her arsenal .

In all senses. At a time of year when much of the US and the rest of the world are battling the cold, Lacey Evans has decided to show herself to her fans in military pants and footwear, but with a skimpy black top on the upper body.

To complete the picture, in one arm he holds a huge rifle, while in the other he shows his bicep. "The sun is out, the guns are out. Before I have to cover myself with all the layers of warming clothes by tonight," Lacey Evans points out in her teasing snap.

Which concludes with a question addressed to followers: "Who else hates the cold?":

Braun Strowman's comment and the Canadian lake precedent

An intervention that triggered the immediate reaction of a colleague like Braun Strowman, himself a great lover of guns (a family business, moreover, since his father sells them).

"We will have to provide you with a personalized cartridge belt," said Monster Among Men. However, it is not the first time that Lacey Evans' reckless nature emerges on social media. One of the best known cases dates back to 2019, when he surprised his colleague and friend Liv Morgan by diving for no reason and with all her clothes on in a lake in Canada.

All while the climate was anything but hot and temperatures did not exceed 15 °. Further proof of Lacey Evans' madness, regardless of the characters WWE has built for her. Legends at Survivor Series Although WWE has obviously not announced the presence of any of the surprise athletes, several sites in the sector and several first-person protagonists, have wanted to reveal several of the names of the legendary athletes who will appear tonight, with the names of Savio Vega, Kane and The Godfather, which had been unofficially announced a few days ago.

Also joining the party for the WWE gravedigger will be: Rikishi, Mideon, Henry Godwinn and former WWE referee Tim White. Obviously several of these names were part of the Bone Street Krew in the 90s, or the group formed by the same The Undertaker, Yokozuna, Paul Bearer, Rikishi, The Godfather, Savio Vega, Brian Crush Adams, Mideon, Henry Godwinn and Mr Fuji, all athletes and professionals who traveled together from one event to another at the then WWF and who had thus formed a very strong friendship between them.

Among the many not officially announced and who are not part of the BSK, Kurt Angle and Kane, who have worked for years in the WWE rings with The Undertaker, also establishing a solid friendship with the Deadman.