Ric Flair wants to wrestle again: Isn’t it crazy?


Ric Flair wants to wrestle again: Isn’t it crazy?
Ric Flair wants to wrestle again: Isn’t it crazy? © Douglas P. DeFelice / Getty Images Sport

Ric Flair spoke about various topics as a guest on Insight With Chris Van Vliet. Flair still has a huge desire to get back in the ring and do another match. In addition, Flair has already decided who could be his opponent. “I want to wrestle again right now.

Isn’t it crazy? I feel like because, Ricky Morton, the guy that I should have chosen for my last match would have been great. Ricky Morton is still wrestling. You know what the best thing for me about it was I forced myself to really get in shape.

I’ve heard this from guys over the years. And when they were older, I was like, in my prime. The older guys would say a man, I’m tired of working out. And there gets a time when you just get bored working out. You don’t have a goal.

I mean, they gave me a goal and I just attacked it. I didn’t stop drinking or anything but I was training literally training three hours a day, five days a week in the ring, or I was doing the sled, the ropes. Yeah, I got my bench press up for two and a quarter.

I mean, so from being dead to all that was pretty cool”. - he said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

Ric Flair on GOAT

Ric Flair revealed who he thinks is the GOAT. This company had many names that were part of it and did great things, but one name stands out above the rest.

“Well, I think to me, the GOAT is the guy that did the most for the business. Not necessarily, had to be the best wrestler. But the guy that did meant the most to our business, and the guy that saved [it] in my eyes, saved the WWE.

Steve Austin. Yeah, I mean, what Steve did, and then to be injured and retire at 39. I mean, I keep forgetting this and until people remind me, well, I don’t see Steve as much as I used to. But he quit. He had to quit because of a broken neck at 39.

Yeah, he got back in and out. But I mean, think about that. I mean. And he took a couple of swings. They put one label on him, but when he found that niche, him and Vince The Attitude Era, but it was Stone Cold, Shawn, Mike Tyson.

And we were arguing about the NWO who’s gonna win a match? And can we go with three minutes instead of 10? I mean, it’s just bullsh*t. But that’s, that’s when all of a sudden where Bischoff didn’t know how to run a company. Then he put himself into it, which made it worse”.

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