Kurt Angle: WWE made a mistake with John Cena


Kurt Angle: WWE made a mistake with John Cena
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Kurt Angle talked about the fans' reaction to John Cena as a babyface on his Kurt Angle show podcast. WWE made a big mistake, not only with John Cena, but with many others as well, because they weren't given roles that suited them.

“He still had room for improvement, but he was getting better. This was strictly for me to get John over. The thing with John is they were pushing him hard from the beginning. They start him out as a babyface, turn him heel for a minute, and put him back.

Babyface The fans were like, I don’t know this guy. I listen, they’ve done this with many wrestlers and they’ve messed up with many wrestlers. The Rock is a good example. They started out as a babyface. Fans didn’t want to accept them.

They didn’t know him. They didn’t like him. You know, they were booing him."- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

Kurt Angle: They should start these guys out as heels

In Kurt Angle's opinion, WWE should have allowed them to enjoy their role as heels.

This would result in much better audience reactions. Furthermore, their talent would be more widely recognized.
"And the more they pushed the rock, the more the fans were like, ‘I hate this guy.’ They did it with me.

They did it with Roman Reigns. They did it with John Cena. They should start these guys out as heels and keep them heel for a while until they get over. And then you can turn them into babyface. And John, they were pushing him really hard to be a babyface at this time.

And the fans weren’t taking it. They were like, ‘We know they’re pushing this guy and we’re not going to accept them until we want to accept them.’ That’s how the fans are”.

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