John Cena compares Grayson Waller to a WWE star


John Cena compares Grayson Waller to a WWE star
John Cena compares Grayson Waller to a WWE star © Womens Wrestling Talk / Youtube Channel

John Cena was a guest on WWE's The Bump and talked about many topics from the wrestling scene. This great wrestler marked an era of WWE, but it's interesting that he still hasn't said goodbye after so many years! One of the topics of conversation was Grayson Waller.

Cena emphasized that Waller reminds him a lot of The Miz. "Grayson reminds me a whole lot of Miz, like a lot. From all of Miz’s confidence/arrogance, he’s been here 19 years and he’s one of the most reliable, decorated, and elite performers in WWE history.

The fact that he’s been here for 19 years and continues to crush it, I think that says good things about Grayson Waller. I like to see somebody come in with confidence. Looking back on my existence, I wish I had more confidence”.

- he said, as quoted by

John Cena on Grayson Waller

John Cena hasn't forgotten Grayson Waller's swagger either. Cena did not have the aggression from the very beginning of his career that Waller has. Cena thinks that Waller is doing great things and that he is great at his job.

The sport of wrestling, on the other hand, is one that you have to learn as you go along. “I wish I had Grayson Walker’s swagger when I slapped Kurt Angle back in 2002. Instead, I timidly shook The Undertaker’s hand when I should have slapped him too.

I didn’t have that ruthless aggression, he’s got it. I admire that and we all have something to learn, everyday is a chance to learn and grow and he’s got a few things to learn. As somebody who’s got a little more in-ring wisdom, I want to shake him. He’ll find all that stuff out, he’s got the first ingredient, he believes in who he is”.

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