John Cena on what's next for him and when he'll retire


John Cena on what's next for him and when he'll retire
John Cena on what's next for him and when he'll retire © Michael Loccisano / Getty Images Entertainment

John Cena's appearance on WWE's The Bump was a great opportunity for him to discuss what his plans are for the future and what he has in mind. WWE Fastlane will feature Cena as part of a tag team match. In his opening remarks, Cena clearly emphasized that he is not done just yet, and that his goal is to prove it.

In the same vein, he is aware of the fact that one day he will have to say goodbye to this story in order to go on to live a different life in another context. “So selfishly, I said I wanted to make sure it’s not time to go yet.

And I confidently believe that I’m not done. But I do believe that we’re all fighting that ticking clock and mine has less seconds than most other people in the locker room, from maybe oh two or even before zero to maybe Christmas."- Cena said, as quoted by

John Cena: Thank you to the audience

Throughout his career, Cena has done fantastic things and he has left a lasting impression on the sport.

There is no doubt that he will go down in history as one of the greatest. This great wrestler did not forget to thank the audience for the support they gave him all these years ago. He understands that he would not be able to attain such a high level of success without their support.

"Even some are seen like I just want to say thank you. Thank you to the audience. Like a lot of times, we just go away and we don’t get a chance to say a proper thing like, Hey, thanks for allowing me to do this for so long.

I pull no punches. I don’t exist without the audience. And I’m just really grateful for every single second. I’m really grateful. That’s why I can’t talk trash about it”.

John Cena

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