Kurt Angle surprised with the release of two wrestlers from WWE


Kurt Angle surprised with the release of two wrestlers from WWE
Kurt Angle surprised with the release of two wrestlers from WWE © Jerod Harris / Getty Images Entertainment

Kurt Angle expressed his shock after WWE made some 'bizarre' decisions on his podcast. Namely, a few weeks ago WWE and NXT decided to release 25 wrestlers. After that, many people were surprised, considering that certain names were unexpectedly found on such a list.

Dolph Ziggler and Shelton Benjamin are the two names Kurt Angle is most surprised by. Angle expected the two of them to play a significant role in the future and do great things. WWE executives had a completely different view of the situation and did not want to give them another chance.

Angle, on the other hand, understands that the WWE world is often cruel, and that sometimes it is necessary to accept things.
“I told Shelton [Benjamin], good luck in your future endeavors. And he just said, ‘Thanks, brother.’ But I was really shocked to see that.

Yeah, especially Dolph. You know what? He’s contributed to the business for the last 12 years. It’s nothing short of amazing. But also, Shelton. Shelton is so incredible in that ring. I’m just surprised that they were let go.

But I understand, you know, it’s business. Business is business. And that’s how it’s going to happen”. - Angle said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

Kurt Angle on Elias

Elias is also one of the wrestlers released by WWE.

Kurt Angle also has a great opinion of Elias. He especially liked his guitar gimmick. “I loved the whole guitar gimmick. It was awesome”. Most of them will have to look for happiness elsewhere and continue their careers.

There's a huge chance that WWE made a mistake for a lot of them, but those are the scenes we're used to seeing in the past. It will be interesting to follow their future engagement and path. Surely some of them will make great careers in the future.

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