WWE NXT continues to create mega stars in the wrestling world


WWE NXT continues to create mega stars in the wrestling world
WWE NXT continues to create mega stars in the wrestling world © Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Joe Coffey had an interesting talk on Busted Open Radio. This WWE star is on Team Galus along with his brother Mark Coffey and Wolfgang. Let's remember that he performed in NXT where he proved himself and reached the very top of WWE.

Through its development programs, WWE has made many stars, including Joe Coffey. We remind you that some of these stars won WrestleMania and became world champions.

Joe Coffey will go very far, no one can say that he won't be world champion at some point

Bayley, Charlotte Flair, Finn Balor, Seth Rollins are all very famous names in the world of WWE and they all came through NXT.

Of course, these are only some of the more important names, and the list is a lot of cheese with many names. In addition to these accomplished wrestlers who came from NXT, we must also mention the current competitors in NXT who promise to become the biggest stars, namely Bron Breaker, Carmelo Hayes, Roxanne Perez.

In addition to them, of course, there are other good potentials like Tiffany Stratton, but we would still single out these three. The right move by the owners of WWE when they started this franchise, because we have to agree that the quality and attractiveness of the fights has increased significantly.

Who knows, maybe we'll soon see a new golden age of WWE like it was at the end of the nineties and the beginning of the 2000s.
"The coaching, and just sitting under the knowledge tree in NXT, it's unbelievable. Fit Finlay is very well versed — this is his style.

This is his match. But I'll also go to some of the other guys like Robbie Brookside and Johnny Moss, who might have a few tricks up their sleeve," said Coffey. "Terry [Taylor] has been unbelievable. Just sitting, listening to him talk about the business is enough.

He's helped me become a better professional — the way my body moves and the way I start thinking about different psychology and stuff like that." as quoted by sportskeeda