Jim Ross: Bryan Danielson is the MVP of AEW

“He’s probably the most valuable player in AEW right now, at least in my opinion"

by Sead Dedovic
Jim Ross: Bryan Danielson is the MVP of AEW
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Jim Ross is a man who has a lot of experience in the wrestling scene. During one of the interviews, Ross commented on individuals in the AEW world and who he thinks will play a leading role at AEW Collision. Based on Jim's words, Bryan Danielson will play this role.

He strongly believes in Bryan's abilities and has high expectations of him. “I think anytime Bryan Danielson’s in a feature to attraction, it’s something to look forward to. So I would say he’ll set the bar, he meaning Bryan Danielson.

So he’s red hot, man. He’s red hot, and his match with Zack Sabre Jr. should be textbook. The whole show is loaded with some really good talents who are looking to turn a head or two. So it’s gonna be fun in Seattle”.

- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

Bryan Danielson

Danielson has displayed his excellent work ethic many times so far. There is an enormous amount of trust between Ross and him. You know that you are worth it when you have everyone's trust.

Danielson always worked hard and gave his best. His persistence and hard work have made him such a star.
“He’s probably the most valuable player in AEW right now, at least in my opinion, not that we don’t have other MVPs.

He’s really taken up a huge role, a leadership role. And that’s why I’m so blessed to be on Collision. That’s Bryan Danielson’s show. And it’s great because he brings maturity and ideas, a spirit de corps.

He’s very, very important to everything that we do on Saturday night, especially. Bryan is really one of the best. I don’t know who’s a better worker in the world than Bryan Danielson right now. We’re lucky to have him and I love him to be around.

We talk every Saturday. We talked about this or that or this idea or that idea. Just it’s refreshing. It’s a breath of fresh air to say the least”.

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