Kurt Angle on the TNA huge deal


Kurt Angle on the TNA huge deal
Kurt Angle on the TNA huge deal © John Sciulli / Getty Images

The Kurt Angle show podcast was an opportunity for this great wrestler to talk about the huge 2008 contract he signed with TNA. However, Angle had to do his best since he was the main face of the company. This meant that he had to be included in everything.

“Okay. You know what? When I signed a deal, I signed a big ass deal. A lot of money. Okay, so there was no way that I wasn’t. I was going to be sitting at home. I was going to be at every event, every show, and I was going to be in the main event.

Just about every one of them, too. When you’re the company’s name and face, you have to step up. And they were paying me a lot of money to do that, and I had to do it well. I signed a contract, and I was obligated to do that.

And that’s what I did. ”- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle also recalled his health condition from 2008. During that period of time, he did not have such serious injuries. “My body wasn’t bad at this point.

I mean, I was never 100% healthy, but I was always, always able to work around injuries. And I didn’t have a lot of major injuries at this time. I think my neck was a little messed up. It was not too bad, but it bothered me a little.

But that’s about it”. Don West and Mike Tenay were people Angle respected and loved. He believes they possessed enormous qualities. “It’s awesome. They were the voices of TNA for so many years. Absolutely loved those guys.

I thought they were just as good as I hate to say this, but they were just as good as JR [Jim Ross] and Jerry “The King” [Lawler] at one point. I mean, they were just as effective. I thought they were great. They were awesome”.

Kurt Angle