Booker T impressed with Lola Vice


Booker T impressed with Lola Vice
Booker T impressed with Lola Vice © TMZ Sports / Youtube Channel

Booker T spoke about NXT Star Lola Vice on his “Hall Of Fame” podcast. This ex wrestler is amazed at how fast Lola Vice has progressed. Her confidence, quality, and mentality are really impressive for someone who has been with the company since January.

“Yeah, she just started this in January. Okay. She just started in January. And she went out and performed at a very high level with Roxanne on Tuesday night to the point where if she had beat Roxanne, I wouldn’t have been surprised.

That’s how good she’s gotten this quickly. So if she believes it, that’s the only thing that matters regarding how good she will be. One thing about this business is that nobody else will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself.

And then if you’re good, that’s just, oh, that’s just fuel to your fire. That just adds more intensity to what we have going on. "- he said, as quoted by!

Booker T on Roxanne

To be in the ring with Roxanne and to show such maturity is really impressive.

Many predict her a great career and huge success in the future. "So I see Lola Vice as someone who could pick this up, how far she goes. That chapter just hadn’t been written yet, but we’ll find out. But I think for someone who has just gotten the business that just debuted in January and is in the ring with Roxanne Perez because Roxanne has time under her belt.

She’s got a lot of time under her belt. And the thing is, and what I say in the ring with Roxanne Perez, she didn’t look like she was following the whole time. She didn’t look like she was just in the ring having a match where she just tried to get her feet wet.

She seemed to be in total control of what was going on when it was her time to have it going on. So I see her picking this thing up much quicker than most”.

Booker T

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