Eddie Kingston: Tony Khan cares about every one of us and it’s insane


Eddie Kingston: Tony Khan cares about every one of us and it’s insane
Eddie Kingston: Tony Khan cares about every one of us and it’s insane © Swerve City Podcast / Youtube Channel

Eddie Kingston spoke to AdFreeShows.com about Tony Khan and his importance to AEW. Kingston thinks that Khan is a great person for whom he has enormous respect. “I love Tony Khan to death. He’s a great ******* human being.

He’s a great human being. Sometimes I think he’s too good. That’s just my opinion. That’s the New York in me coming out going, ‘I don’t understand why the **** he’s nice to this person.’ That’s just me, but also he knows if he did it my way, no one would be there.

‘You’re complaining? Get the **** out of here.' ”- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

Tony Khan

Tony Khan is a man who respects his wrestlers and expects the best from them. Many believe that Khan sometimes overdoes it and that it is necessary to set a limit.

However, Tony has his own style, which he expects many people to respect. The most important thing is that there is peace and respect in the company. It is a guarantee of success! “Tony has such a big heart. I love that man.

I love him because, and this is a big one, he listens to our ideas, even if they’re ******* horrible. I’ve heard guys pitch stuff to him and he’ll ask me to stay, and I’ll be like, ‘Oh my God. This is bad’, but he’ll actually sit there and listen and take it in and actually try to work with the guy.

Sometimes he’ll go with the bad idea and I’m like, ‘Why did you keep me in here? Do you want me to really tell you how ******* bad that is, but I don’t want to do it because the guy is not here. Bring the guy in.

I don’t want him thinking I’m talking s*** behind his back. It’s ******* horrid.’ That’s probably the main reason why I love him is because he does care about every, maybe too much, every single one of his wrestlers.

He does. He cares about every one of us and it’s ******* insane. I remember a couple of times I would tell him, ‘Why do you care when they don’t care about you’, or, ‘Why do you care if they don’t care if this company stays open?’ He goes, ‘Eddie, I’m paying them so I have to care.’”

Tony Khan

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