Kurt Angle on the ladder match he remembers


Kurt Angle on the ladder match he remembers
Kurt Angle on the ladder match he remembers © John Sciulli / Getty Images

The "Kurt Angle Show" podcast was a great opportunity for Kurt Angle to talk about his ladder match with AJ Styles. Angle doesn't seem to be a big fan of such matches. “Just the Olympic gold medals in a ladder match. That’s ridiculous.

I hate ladder matches. I’ll do them. But I hate them. I like straight-up wrestling matches. I just think that you do a lot of stupid shit when you get ladders involved, and a lot of guys get hurt that way. Yeah, we’ve seen it just carrying a weapon.

I even thought that listen, the booking in TNA was a little subpar, a little baseball bat. And then. And then AJ has a guitar. What were they for? Was it the represent Sting and Jeff Jarrett? It’s like we’re having an Olympic wrestling match and bringing bats and guitars into it.

It’s just it was just pointless. Yeah, yeah, that is the spectacle. But they made it into, hey, let’s get a Sting, a little rub, and Jeff Jarrett, a little rub in this match, and I’m not sure why”. - he said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

Kurt Angle: I don’t know why they didn’t trust AJ and me

Kurt Angle always gave his best, but he couldn't understand the moves of the WWE boss at that time. It looked like they didn't have enough faith in him.

When he looks at things from this perspective, he sees some things much more clearly. “And I don’t know why they didn’t trust AJ and me to have a straight-up ladder match without anybody involved. I just thought the booking was subpar at this point.

Looking back, I’ll be honest: when they were booking these matches, I never thought about the guys that would come out at the end and add to the match or take away from it and all that stuff. I didn’t look at it till I stepped out of the ring, retired, and looked back and said, Gosh, man, that booking was not good.

I don’t know why they did this, why they did that. It’s just when you step away from it, and you look back in, you say, Man, there’s some stupid shit they did here, you know? That’s just how I am. And that’s how I was always going to be.

I mean, you can’t change a person with their work ethic. I’ve always had an incredible work ethic, and I was always going to give everything I had, every match”.

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