Chris Jericho on Bray Wyatt and what made him special

"He was very unique and that’s why he did so well and was so successful"

by Sead Dedovic
Chris Jericho on Bray Wyatt and what made him special
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In an interview for 'Superstar Crossover', Chris Jericho talked about interesting topics and characters from the wrestling scene. One of the topics was Bray Wyatt. Jericho had nothing but praise for Bray Wyatt and his creativity.

Wyatt seems to have been ahead of his competition in that period. He had many ideas that he wanted to realize. Many things made him special. Unfortunately, his career ended too soon, but the mark he left on the wrestling scene should never be forgotten.

“Bray was like a faucet of creativity. He had so many ideas that were just pouring out of him at all times where it would be like, ‘I got to do this. I’m gonna do this’, and it’s like, ‘Let’s go back to the second one.

What was the second one again?’ He was very unique and that’s why he did so well and was so successful because no one really thought about wrestling the way that he did with the characters that he created and the things that he committed to that no one else can really make work.

Obviously, Bray Wyatt might have been the best of them, but when that started getting a little bit stale, then he goes to The Fiend but the Firefly Fun House, like, if you pitch that to me, it’d be like, ‘What are you talking about? Like, how is this gonna work?’ But then once you see him do it, it’s like, this is so great."- he said, as quoted by!

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt knew how to 'connect' with the crowd. His charisma, quality and creativity have always surfaced. "It’s so wrestling. It’s like dinner debonair that MJF and I had. You couldn’t get away with that unless you committed to it 1,000% because wrestling is that.

Wrestling is the Firefly Fun House, but to be able to think about that, and create it, and make it a thing, and there’s all these different characters that it’s like Mr. Rogers on crack, but it’s cool. That to me was the best of Bray Wyatt, like it’s hard to translate that into a match, but like I said earlier, matches are almost secondary.

It’s characters and connecting with people and making them want to see you perform and that’s what Bray Wyatt could do better than almost anybody in the modern era”.

Chris Jericho Bray Wyatt