Montez Ford on CM Punk's 'potential' return to WWE

"If he wants to make his way back this way, I guess we can have a battle"

by Sead Dedovic
Montez Ford on CM Punk's 'potential' return to WWE
© Robin Marchant / Getty Images Entertainment

Ever since he left AEW, there has been a lot of talk about CM Punk returning to WWE. However, it is difficult to predict how much truth there is in this. During a guest appearance on The Happy Hour, Montez Ford reacted to the host's question about what his answer would be when talking about CM Punk's return to the company; “If they asked my opinion on it, I’m so open to every single aspect, talent in the world, whether they come from all works of life.

I feel like everyone has something to bring to the table. Believe it or not, whether people love this individual or not, and this goes for any WWE superstar, if they are generating buzz and generating topics and generating people talking, that’s all good for business.

I love to be the person to always welcome someone back with great arms. If he wants to make his way back this way, I guess we can have a battle and see who is the best person from Chicago”. - he said, as quoted by!

Montez Ford on The Street Profits' alliance with Bobby Lashley

The Street Profits' alliance with Bobby Lashley was also one of the topics. He was aware that it could be a great thing for both parties. Their experience and quality had to come out in such an alliance.

“I figured out things are going on with me and Dawkins right now. Throughout the years we’ve had some success, but that success seems to have come at a small halt. So we kind of aligned ourselves with someone who’s had a lot of success, who’s been in the business for a very long time.

And we figured his knowledge would lead us to the success he’s obtained while being here. I think it was something where Bobby has been knowing us for a while now. Me and Dawkins have been with the company ever with Dawkins, has been with the company even back in developmental way back since 2012.

And I got signed in late 2015 in NXT, has been on the main roster for about three years now. And Bobby has been one of the ones that’s kind of taken us under his wing since we’ve been on the main roster and now it’s just pretty much everything he’s been doing backstage is just being brought to the viewing eyes now”.

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