Saraya: I always wanted to be a heel


Saraya: I always wanted to be a heel
Saraya: I always wanted to be a heel © LADbible TV / Youtube Channel

In the world of wrestling, Saraya has established herself as one of the most interesting personalities. During an interview with Metro, Saraya was asked about her role as a heel. This popular wrestler emphasized that her dream has always been to become a heel.

This is a role that she enjoys and one that suits her well. Her patience paid off in the end, as she waited patiently for her chance to come along, and in the end, she succeeded! “I always wanted to be a heel, even before [AEW] knew I was gonna be wrestling again.

I always wanted to be a bad guy. Because I already knew it wasn’t going to be long until they turned on me. I knew that. I said that – having conversations before I came to AEW, I was speaking to Jon Moxley, I was speaking to [Chris] Jericho, I was speaking to Tony Khan.

They were all telling me, ‘You’re gonna be a babyface first because people are just gonna be happy to see you.’ It was really frustrating,” she said, as quoted by! “What I kept doing is I kept throwing in heelish things in promos or how I acted, things like that.

I wanted that slow burn anyway and then eventually I was gonna get the opportunity to turn heel – I just had to wait a little bit. It worked out!”

Saraya on social media insults

We live in a world where social media is a huge issue for everyone today.

Most people are not very selective when it comes to what words and insults they will use. As a first target, celebrities are on the list. In spite of this, Saraya does not look back at such people and she is aware of the qualities that she possesses.

“Wrestling twitter is so soft. It’s because it’s a bunch of misogynistic neck beards or stan accounts who can’t tell a wrist lock from a pad lock. But they follow everything I do. Watch my tweets. Search my name. Keep me trending. That’s showbiz baby!”