Jim Ross angry because of headlines that say he left the AEW show

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Jim Ross angry because of headlines that say he left the AEW show
Jim Ross angry because of headlines that say he left the AEW show © Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images Entertainment

Jim Ross spoke on a variety of topics in his "Grilling JR" podcast. As a result of many writing that Ross had left AEW All In London early, Ross responded to them. Ross is angry at these headlines, as he believes their goal is just to get views.

“We were talking on the show here a while back about when we were in London and we were at Wembley and that I left when my matches were over, but they didn’t say that. The headline says, ‘JR leaves Wembley early.’ Well, I was done.

My matches that I was assigned to call were completed and instead of watching it on the monitor in our locker room, I wanted to see the show and we were staying across the street. So what the hell? It’s just an example of how people seemingly look for sh*t and try to make up things and it’s embarrassing because I’m still a wrestling fan and I get embarrassed for these guys sometimes if they are that naive or just that much of a sh*t disturber”.

- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

Jim Ross on CM Punk's return

The future of CM Punk is still uncertain. Many believe that CM Punk will return to WWE, and this is obviously the wish of Jim Ross. “I hope so and I think it’ll probably happen.

I just don’t have any leads or any dirt on that. He’s still young enough and hungry enough, I think, to go out and grab those big paydays. I just don’t know where or when. So, you know, I mean, obviously, one would assume, and that’s all I’m doing, you would assume that CM Punk’s next destination could be WWE but there’s no guarantee of that either.

I don’t know how they left it, and then when you go through a big turnover like WWE did this week with the Endeavor thing being finalized, you never know. I’m gonna miss him because I enjoyed being around him and we have such a small crew that comes on Saturday night.

It’s a pretty neat environment to be honest with you on Collision nights. A whole lot less people are there. He’s too good not to use his skills, but I don’t know. He’s a different cat as everybody knows. That’s not a revelation either”.

Jim Ross Aew

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