Grayson Waller on the main differences between WWE and NXT

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Grayson Waller on the main differences between WWE and NXT
Grayson Waller on the main differences between WWE and NXT © Michael Reaves / Getty Images Sport

"After the Bell with Corey Graves," podcast was a great chance for Grayson Waller to talk about interesting topics. There was a discussion about the differences between NXT and WWE. One of the things that Waller particularly emphasized was traveling.

“The travel definitely is. I’ve been doing it a few months, I can’t complain too much when someone like Rey Mysterio has been traveling all over the world for years. But with NXT, you finish a show and you’re in your own bed five minutes later.

That was a dream. Now, I’m in Canada, trying to get through customs there. I go to Alabama, then Pittsburgh. I’m in all these different places and it’s a long time away from home, but I’m kind of loving it to be honest.

This is my first time experiencing a lot of these places. Some of them are terrible, some of them are okay, but the travel is rough at times”. - he said, as quoted by!

Grayson Waller on New York

New York is a location with which he is particularly disappointed.

Waller emphasizes that he does not understand people who love New York, and apparently believes that this city is overrated. There are many cities that left a beautiful impression on him, and one of them is Philly. “New York is hands down the worst place I’ve ever been in my life.

I can’t believe that’s a famous place. It’s gross, you walk around, it smells. It’s a rough place to be, I just didn’t enjoy any of it. But then recently I went to Philly, which has a bad reputation, it was great.

I loved it. I think it was because I was there in summer, they get like three days of sun a year so they take advantage of it. The next time I go, it’s probably gonna be horrible”.


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