Cardi B on Bad Bunny and her favorite wrestlers

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Cardi B on Bad Bunny and her favorite wrestlers
Cardi B on Bad Bunny and her favorite wrestlers © Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images Entertainment

In an interview with Ebro In The Morning on HOT 97, Cardi B talked about various topics. One of the topics was Bad Bunny and his work at WWE. Cardi B has expressed many times her desire to try out for WWE and understand what the wrestling world looks like from a different angle.

“Yeah, that mf [Bad Bunny] is jumping though off them ropes. He jumping off them ropes a lot. I just told you that my body got f up after the second one [second child]. I told you the second one f me up. I mean, I would love to attend.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I have to perform or slap a b, but I want to go. I have to fulfill some type of dream. I used to love wrestling. I used to be crazy for it”. - she said, as quoted by!

Cardi B on her favorite wrestlers

Cardi B has been a fan of WWE since she was a young girl and enjoys watching the matches on TV. There are many wrestlers who left a great impression on her and who were her favorite. There are several of them, including Batista, Eddie Guerrero, as well as The Undertaker.

“It was a couple,” she said. “Like Batista was one of my favorites because he was so handsome. I love Eddie Guerrero. I lie, I steal, I cheat b, yeah. I don’t know. I used to love Booker T. Even when I was little, when The Undertaker used to come out, my dumbass really thought that he was a ghost.

I really thought that was real. Like he was coming from the dead. Like, ‘Oh my God!’. ” A big part of Cardi B's dream is to be the one in the ring in the future. It will be interesting to see if her wish comes true.