Jeff Jarrett: You don’t know what Tony knows and you don’t know what CM Punk knows

"There are multiple things you could have done"

by Sead Dedovic
Jeff Jarrett: You don’t know what Tony knows and you don’t know what CM Punk knows
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CM Punk's release from AEW never ceases to cause reactions. Every day there are many statements and reactions to the release of CM Punk. It was news that we could have expected, but the official confirmation came a few days ago.

One of those who also reacted was WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett. He gave his opinion on the whole situation in the "My World with Jeff Jarrett" podcast. “The reality of the situation, you’re asking me to make comments on a situation that, and I really believe this, there are only two people in the world that have full context.

Some people can say, ‘I knew this, I knew that.’ You may, but you don’t know what Tony knows and you don’t know what Phil [CM Punk] knows. Nobody knows but them two. I would have to have….to comment on the specifics, but in general purposes, the decision Tony made, big cojones, hit it straight on”.

- Jarrett said, as quoted by!

Jeff Jarrett on CM Punk's behavior

Considering that everyone is well versed in CM Punk's behavior and what he has done, Jarrett thinks it is a reasonable decision to fire CM Punk.

Most would do the same if they were in Tony Khan's position. According to many, the most important thing is AEW's reputation. This company has grown rapidly in the last few years, and they don't need the things that CM Punk does.

“There were three things done. The social media audience — the discussion in the United Center — the television audience, and the live audience. All of them were addressed head on. When I read that release, it was as clear as a legal situation could possibly be.

I believe my old man would have been aligned with it because, get in front of it. That’s a hard pill to swallow. The easy one would have been ‘wait until Monday.’ There are multiple things you could have done.

A reconciliation, a cooling off period. We can talk about it ad nauseam, and it has been talked about over and over for months. Getting in front of things, with a clear-cut decision made, absolutely was the right thing to do.

It’s best for business. Your consumers were informed. I just don’t think there are downsides to that”.

Cm Punk