Booker T on CM Punk's potential WWE return

"Go back and look at some of Punk’s quotes, about WCW"

by Sead Dedovic
Booker T on CM Punk's potential WWE return
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Booker T commented on the release of CM Punk from AEW in his "Hall of Fame" podcast. In the last few days, there have been rumors that CM Punk could continue his career in WWE. However, judging by the statements of famous wrestlers and others, the chances for that are minimal, almost impossible!

“Don’t think [CM Punk will return to WWE] at all. I don’t see that happening. Go back and look at some of Punk’s quotes, about WCW. Excuse me about WWE over the last seven or eight years. Nothing. Punk’sg.

Nothing positive. And like, my thing was, I always said. You never know when you might want to cross that bridge again. You never know. And to think that. That might be the company you’re going to stay at forever”. - Booker T said, as quoted by!

Booker T on CM Punk

Booker T thinks that CM Punk made a problem for himself. The fact that he has spoken publicly many times about some people from the WWE scene does not help him at this point. "That’s kind of like wishful thinking.

I know. Look here. I left WWE. I had problems with WWE when I left. But you won’t see one story out there on the Internet as far as Booker T’s interview about WWE. Booker T. says this about such and such. Booker T. talks about this.

Why? Because of that stuff I don’t think the public needs to know. I don’t think that the public need to be privy to that kind of information. I have A personal beef with somebody just because it might be just a saying, for instance, it’s not WWE, it’s just a construction company.

And I didn’t get along with whatever. And they ended up firing and firing me. You think I’m to go on the Internet and talk about, well, they did this and that. They had their employees; they’re stealing gas, what I mean? They all got gas carts, and I mean, I’m not going, I’m not going to do that because I might want to.

And I don’t think when Punk left WWE, I just don’t think he was smart about it more than anything because I always feel like it’s rolled back. I guess Punk may have blown that bridge up”.

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